UNITECH Ltd. Technical Team constantly supports our Clients in Engineering & Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of various types of Equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Electrical Equipment, Switchgear & Transformer Systems: distribution boards, cabling systems, transformers & snubbers, heat-tracing, LV/MV/HV Motors, various types of generators. Passing various types of courses, our engineers are providing on-site and laboratory Services to all types of explosion-proof Equipment
  • Instrumentation: Various Control & Monitoring Systems andEquipment
    (transmitters, indicators, valves, controllers, etc.),Fire & Gas monitoring Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems

All works are implemented either at our own facilities located across the country, or directly on Clients’ site.

Our maintenance support team is available for consultancy and other support 24/7, comprising Kazakhstani specialists.